Upload a HTML File Easily

A PDF File Uploader you can use to upload a PDF File and receive a private link that you can share. Easy!

COST: 1 Monthly Credit

We can provide a range of different URLs depending on your needs and security.

LOOKUP CODE / URL: Accessible by everyone, very easy! EXAMPLE:

RANDOM PRIVATE URL: A random 16 character string - very hard to guess! EXAMPLE:

CUSTOM PUBLIC URL: A custom URL that you can use (if available). EXAMPLE:

Cheap Single File HTML Hosting

This tool allows you to upload a single static HTML file and take advantage of our cheap html hosting.

Can we host a single HTML page?

Simply use our HTML File Uploader and we'll host a single HTML page for you and even provide a custom url, a lookup code, or a secure random 16 character string URL if you want to keep things private.

What are the advantages of using you to host a single HTML page?

There are lots! Here's why you should use us...

  • It's VERY easy! You can get it live in less than 60 seconds
  • You get a custom URL if you want one, included.
  • You can take advantage of a private url if you like.
  • No need to worry about hosting fees, secure domains, and all that.
  • It's VERY low cost and fully supported so you can get things done!

Why would I want you to host a html file?

Our customers need this for a wide range of reasons. Mainly because it's super easy, very low cost and provide a custom url, a lookup code and added security to us if you need it.

It's cheap html hosting, but why should we choose you?

Yes it's very affordable HTML hosting and you should pick us because it's super fast and you get lots of benefits like a custom url, added security if you want it, and a lookup code all included!

Are there any restrictions to the host html page service?

Yes, nothing bad or questionable. You're welcome to host html page with us if your intentions are good!

Host Simple HTML Page

If you are looking to host a simply html page then our super fast, easy and cheap HTML file uploader should be great for you. Simply use the form above and you'll have it online in less than 60 seconds.

How To Host a HTML Page?

Hosting a HTML page is really easy. Just our our simple to use HTML File Uploader and host the HTML page with us. Edit it locally and then upload it when you're done.