Create QR Code For PDFs - FAQs

So you want to publish your PDF online really quickly without all the hassle? Well, you've come to the right place.

With POG you can upload your PDF file, register and get your dedicated URL to share and view the hosted PDF in less than 60 seconds.

And the best thing - it's completly free for 7 days - no payment required!


So How Do You Upload A PDF?

Visit our dedicated Upload A PDF File page, give it a name and select the PDF you want to upload, register or login and you're done!

Once you've logged in using the special link we send you your PDF will be LIVE on our system and you can view it using the special private link supplied.

How do I get my QR Code for the PDF File I've just uploaded?

Once you've uploaded your PDF File we'll show you're QR Code instantly on the page. Simply right click and save to your computer. You'll also get a dedicated URL that you can use and share to view the PDF in your browser.

Is the PDF File I've just uploaded private?

Yes. We supply a short and random URL for your PDF that you can share with people for them to view. It's a random 16 character URL that looks like this -

Can you Password Protect the PDF File?

Yes. We can provide a password protected page before the PDF is allowed to be viewed by the user.

Can you create a QR Code from a PDF?

Yes, but you don't encode the PDF into a QR Code. You make a QR code that 'points' to the PDF file you've stored online.

Can you create a QR Code for a PDF?

Yes. Simply upload your PDF using our service and we'll supply the QR Code and a dedicated private URL instantly.

PDF To QR Code

Again, you don't convert the PDF into a QR Code, there is too much information. You upload the PDF to a dedicated URL and then create a QR Code for the URL.

Is your PDF To QR Code Generator service free?

Yes, for 7 days! It's 100% free for 7 days. If you like it then you pay a small fee to keep it for the year.

How to create a QR Code for a PDF

Simply use our dedicated PDF Uploader! Give it a name, a description and select the PDF File you wish to upload and click the button. We'll then upload the PDF file to our service and provde a dedicated URL and QR Code. It takes less than 60 seconds!