Alternatives To QR Codes

What's the best alternative to the popular QR Code? That's easy...

Lookup Codes!

Lookup codes are the simplest way to direct people to something they need or will find useful. They produce the same end result of a QR Code but are a great alternative because they don't require a camera or QR Code scanner. They are also instantly readable by any human on the planet - no technology required!

Lookup Codes are perfect for all types of communication and can be used by anyone who can visit a website to enter them.

Here's an example.

First, visit our POG homepage. Once there enter the following lookup code in the main box provided...


And then press “LOOK UP” button below.

You'll then be redirected to the Google Search Engine homepage. And it's as easy as that!

So why would you want to use lookup codes instead of QR Codes?

Lookup codes are perfect qr code alternatives when used in...

  • Radio Advertising
  • Podcasts
  • YouTube Shorts (as no links are allowed since 2023)
  • Anything you want!

Lookup codes don't have to be numbers. You could use certain words, secret codes or passwords etc.

If you're looking to create some lookup codes then we've made this super simple for you with our Lookup Code to Redirect URL tool to get you started.